Thinking Of Ov.(0.5) - How Often Do Football Games End 0-0?
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0-0 results may not seem that common, so we thought we would have a look at the statistics to investigate. Not many punters bet on 0-0 results, but betting on 0-0s, or against 0-0s, can be useful in a number of ways.

How Many Games End 0-0?

As you can see below from the past 3 seasons’ 0-0 statistics for the top 5 European leagues, the percentage of 0-0 results in a season is consistent at around 7%.

Seven percent of all games end 0-0 – That’s approximately one 0-0 result for every 14 to 15 games played. When you consider that a normal Premier League weekend contains 10 fixtures, then you can almost expect one of those fixtures to be a 0-0, or at least on average you will see two 0-0 results for every three match days played (30 games).

What is surprising about these 0-0 statistics is how consistent the number of 0-0 results is between leagues.

Across all games played in these 5 top European leagues over the past 3 full seasons, out of 5377 games, 359 were 0-0s! That’s an overall average of 6.68%.

In summary, 0-0 results or Over 0.5 are worth thinking about when it comes to betting!

0-0 Statistics For Top European Leagues

The table below shows the percentage of games this season that have ended 0-0 in the top 5 European leagues – Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

This Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueGames0-0s% 0-0s
Premier League8778.05%
La Liga8056.25%
Serie A9077.78%
Ligue 110055%
2021/2022 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueGames0-0s% 0-0s
Premier League380225.79%
La Liga3804311.32%
Serie A380225.79%
Ligue 1380246.32%
2020/2021 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueGames0-0s% 0-0s
Premier League380307.89%
La Liga380307.89%
Serie A380205.26%
Ligue 1380266.84%
2019/2020 Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueGames0-0s% 0-0s
Premier League380215.53%
La Liga380338.68%
Serie A380215.53%
Ligue 1279217.53%

Check out our list of leagues below which had the largest percentage of 0-0 results this season. You will see that many are obscure, lower leagues, but sometimes this is where the value is as opposed to betting on the popular and more well known leagues.

Current Season 0-0 Statistics
LeagueGames0-0s% 0-0s
Uganda Premier League17635.29%
Zambia Super League621625.81%
Iran Pro League671725.37%
Oman Professional League411024.39%
Albania Kategoria Superiore35822.86%
Algeria Ligue 1491020.41%
Australia A League5120%
Serbia Prva Liga1021918.63%
Spain Segunda Division1092018.35%
Bahrain Premier League11218.18%
South Africa Premiership761317.11%
Morocco Botola Pro36616.67%
Tanzania Premier League48714.58%
Argentina Primera B Nacional6649614.46%
Venezuela Primera Division2583613.95%
Egypt Premier League3064213.73%
Russia FNL1171613.68%
Uzbekistan Super League1472013.61%
Ecuador Serie A1041413.46%
Nicaragua Liga Primera60813.33%

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